Proliferated Drones

Proliferated Drones

What happens when everyone has drones?

What Are Drones?

Much of the conversation about drones focuses on high-end military systems but a far wider range of drones is already being used for disruptive purposes. As drones become increasingly accessible and affordable, it will be essential to consider the full range of their capabilities and potential impact.

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How Do Other Countries View Drones?

Are states more likely to engage in cross-border surveillance missions or attacks with drones than with manned systems? Are states more willing to shoot down a drone, since there is no one on board?

If one nation shoots down another nation’s drone, is that an act of war?

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How Do Drones Change Conflict?

We held a wargame to find out. Even though drone technology is relatively straightforward, the widespread availability of drones will have significant political and strategic consequences.

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The Drone Survey

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Drones in action around the world

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